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Cyber Security

We bring ironclad cyber security to the middle east with our global security accomplishments. 

Headquartered in Lebanon we also bring regional understanding to get you cyber security tailored to your needs.

Whatever your security concerns, Cyber Iron Clad will assess, prevent and respond.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Just how secure are your IT systems and assets? Cyber Iron Clad penetration testing and vulneserabilty assessment has helped the US Department of Defence uncover over 390+ vulnerabilities.

Dont take the risk, get Cyber Iron Clad to assess your cybersecurity vulnerability today.

Cyber Asset Protection

In 2018 the cost of cybercrime to businesses was over $1 Trillion globaly, and after a breach stock prices fell 7.27% on average.

Prevention is better than Cure. Contact Cyber Iron Clad to secure your IT assets today.

Cyber Security Incident Response

A breach or incident is terrifying, it could mean catastrophe for any company or organisation both legally and financially. Knowing what exactly happened and what to do is even more difficult.

Cyber Iron Clad will investigate and respond to any threat in strict confidentiality.

Global Experience tailored for the Middle East

The cyber security needs and challenges of the Middle East are unique to the region. Understanding these complexities and differences is key to delivering the security needed within the regional context.

Founded and headquartered in Lebanon at the centre of the middle east, Cyber Iron Clad has helped with over 590+ cyber security issues at 70+ global companies including the US Department of Defence, Google, Facebook, Buzzfeed and many more.

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CyberSecurity Challenges of the Middle East

According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence report, Cyber Security breaches and threats are 3-5 time higher in rates than the world-wide average

A PWC Cyber Security report identifies both public and private sectors in the middle east to be high risk for cyber crime due to the lack of national strategy, awareness and domestic cyber security capability.

The middle easts business landscape is seen as having very low awareness of the threats posed by cybercrime and companies do not invest enough if at all in dealing with and precenting cyber security vulnerabilities. 

That is until it is too late, as seen in the  2012 cyber attack on Saudi Aramco and RasGas, or the 2013 attack on RAK Bank in the UAE and Omans BMI.

What Companies are saying about us?

US Department of Defense
US Department of Defense
"Thank you for your time and effort to improve the security of the DoD information network.
Regards, The VDP Team"
"Thank you again for your report.
We look forward to receiving more reports from you in the future!"
"We appreciate your report, and your interest in helping us to keep our web sites secure! These efforts have helped improve the overall level of security at Lenovo"
"It was a pleasure for us to work with you."
"We have confirmed that this issue has been resolved.
Thanks for reporting this and helping to protect our members."
"We would like to extend a bounty for bringing this issue to our attention, Please don't hesitate to tell us if you find anything else of interest."
"Thank you very much for your concerning about Huawei security.
We have fixed this vulnerability."
360 Security
"We are going to add your name to the Hall of Fame of 360SRC and give you special thanks. Thank you again for your support! Look forward to your next report!"
"Thank you for your great support,
We will include your name in the HOF."