Our Services

Web Application Penetration Testing and Security​

Perform a full deep scan for your web application (website, api, database, server, etc) to find out hidden vulnerabilities and security bugs and confirm them. Then provide solutions to address those vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing and Security

Perform a deep scan for your mobile application to find vulnerabilities that affects their users. And provide solutions to fix those vulnerabilities.

Employee Training and Education (Awareness Programs)​

With our great knowledge in Cyber Security and its threats, we deliver a Training Program to aware employees and people from cyber attacks like phishing, OS hacking and teach them how to protect and avoid themselves from such attacks.

OS Security Patches ​

Perform Vulnerability Assessment for your company operating systems and applying the needed security patches.

Application Security Patches ​

Testing the applications and softwares installed and running on the Operating Systems and apply security patches if needed.

Anti-Virus/Malware Updates

Ensure that the company has the best qualified antivirus programs and they are well updated.

Mail and Spam Protection

Integrate software that filter the spam and harmful emails inside the company system.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Configure systems and critical applications to set up Multi-Factor Authentication before accessing them

Access Control

Provide specific accesses for specific employees according to their positions through using tools like Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On